Cardiopulmonary surveillance to prevent SUDEP

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Finsterer J and Stöllberger C (2009) Cardiopulmonary surveillance to prevent SUDEP. Lancet Neurol 8:2 131–2; author reply 132–3.

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Abstract: The Review by Tomson and co-workers1 provided a comprehensive overview of the definition, frequency, potential pathological mechanisms, and strategies for the prevention of sudden unexplained death in epilepsy (SUDEP). We comment on cardiac and pulmonary causes of SUDEP and suggest recommendations for potential prevention in the future.



  • Letter in response to Tomson et al. Discusses the possibility of prevention through partially automated monitoring of heart rate and breathing in epilepsy cases. Raises the possibility that Takutsubo Syndrome, myocardial dysfunction believed to be due to sympathetic overload, could be a cause of SUDEP, citing Seow et al. Provides a helpful description of the genetic and functional studies of epilepsy patients and family members that could identify risk factors and help in prevention. In their reply, Tomson et al. comment that the intensive screening requires more evidence before widespread implementation.


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