Genetic screening for SUDEP? – Commentary on Hindocha et al.

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Tomson T (2008) Genetic screening for SUDEP? – Commentary on Hindocha et al.. Epilepsia 49:2 368–9.

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Abstract: First Paragraph: In this issue, Neeta Hindocha and colleagues presentan interesting observation of two cases of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) in a family with GEFS+with a novel SCN1A mutation. It remains to be elucidatedwhether there is a specific association between this mutation and an increased risk of SUDEP, if this is a chancefinding, or if the observations merely reflect the risks associated with refractory epilepsy in general. A SUDEPincidence of 4–7/1,000 person-years, as in this family, iscomparable to rates reported among refractory epilepsypopulations (Tomson et al., 2005).



  • Brief commentary on Hindocha et al. (2008)


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