Ictal bradycardia followed by cardiac asystole: A case report

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Mondon K, Charbonnier B, Hommet C, Corcia P, Autret A, and de Toffol B (2002) Ictal bradycardia followed by cardiac asystole: A case report. Epileptic Disord 4:4 261–4.

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Abstract: We report on a patient with a 30-year history of left temporal lobe epilepsy who presented with ictal bradycardia followed by cardiac asystole. The EEG during the ictal period was documented and analyzed. Clinical features and therapeutic considerations are discussed.



  • Single-case report of 57 year old man with seizure history beginning at age 18 followed by 30 years seizure free after treatment, then recurrence. Seizure focus was left temporal. In one monitored case the patient experienced tachycardia. Simultaneous EEG/EKG shows increased temporal theta activity follwed by bradycardia and asystole of > 10 seconds. The patient was given a pacemaker, following which symptoms improved.


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