Sudden unexplained death explained?

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Bird J, Dembny K, Sandeman D, and Butler S(1995) Sudden unexplained death explained? Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology p. 98.

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Single-case report of patient death following seizure while implanted with cortical surface electrodes for surgical planning. The ictal event is described as follows “After 2.5 min of gentle tonic-clonic activity, the nature of the right sided discharges altered, showed a pattern of brief complete flattening alternating with spindling spike discharges for 16 sec and then ceased all activity; the left hemisphere followed with the same pattern and ceased after 8 sec. Individual random nerve firing occurred for a 275 further 60 sec and regular pulse artifact for a further 120 sec.” Authors link this to thalamocortical sleep spindles. It is unclear what happened during attempts to resuscitate the patient.


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