Asystole induced by partial seizures: A rare cause of syncope

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Carinci V, Barbato G, Baldrati A, and Di Pasquale G (2007) Asystole induced by partial seizures: A rare cause of syncope. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 30:11 1416–9.

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Abstract: The clinical distinction between cardiovascular and epileptic causes of loss of consciousness is sometimes difficult, but becomes challenging when a primary epileptic seizure secondarily causes an asystole. Epilepsy can be correlated to severe bradycardia or asystole. The syndrome is called the ictal bradycardia syndrome. Ictal bradycardia and asystole have been implicated in the etiology of sudden unexpected death in epileptic patients (SUDEP). We present a case of traumatic syncope during an epileptic disorder ab esordio and we discuss the related literature.



  • Single-case report from Italy of 78 year old man with ictal bradycardia beginning 10 s after onset of left fronto-temporal seizure, followed 10 s later by asystole. The asystole may have in turn broken the seizure.


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