Cardiac effects of seizures

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Nei M(2009) Cardiac effects of seizures. Epilepsy Curr 9:4 91–5.

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Abstract: Seizures frequently affect the heart rate and rhythm. In most cases, seizure-related cardiac changes are transient and do not appear to cause clinically significant abnormalities for the patient. Great interest in this area of research has been generated because of a possible connection with sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). While there are clear, but rare complications from seizure-related cardiac arrhythmias, such as ictal asystole that causes syncope, the overall risk of seizures on cardiac status and any potential connection between seizures and SUDEP still remain uncertain.


  • Review focusing on cardiac causes. Discusses need for interictal and ictal recordings in patients of EEG, EKG, respiration and oxygenation.