Cerebral arrhythmia influencing cardiac rhythm: A case of ictal bradycardia

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Almansori M, Ijaz M, and Ahmed SN (2006) Cerebral arrhythmia influencing cardiac rhythm: A case of ictal bradycardia. Seizure 15:6 459–61

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Abstract: Partial seizures of temporal origin can be associated with clinically significant tachycardia or bradycardia. Ictal bradycardia and asystole has been implicated in the etiology of sudden unexpected death in epileptic patients (SUDEP). Although symptomatic ictal bradycardia has been relatively well described in the literature; information on asymptomatic ictal bradycardia is scarce. We report a case of asymptomatic ictal bradycardia diagnosed during video EEG telemetry that was subsequently implanted with a cardiac pacemaker.

Keywords: Ictal, Bradycardia, Arrhythmia, Autonomic, Pacemaker


  • Single case report of Canadian patient with nearly 40 year history of epilepsy and MRI evidence of sclerosis of left medial temporal region. Some seizures were associated with bradycardia, which in one case began 12 s after seizure onset.