Mortality from epilepsy. International patterns and changes over time

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Massey EW and Schoenberg BS(1985) Mortality from epilepsy. International patterns and changes over time. Neuroepidemiology 4:2 65–70.

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Abstract: Average annual age-adjusted mortality rates for epilepsy from 33 countries for 1967-1973 were calculated and compared to earlier data (when available) from the 1950s. Rates during 1967-1973 range from 0.6 deaths/100,000/year (Denmark) to 4.0 deaths/100,000/year (Portugal). Countries in Latin America generally have high rates. With few exceptions, epilepsy mortality rates have declined over time. For each country studied, the rates are higher for males. As prevalence surveys are implemented throughout the world, we shall no longer need to rely on mortality statistics to provide some indication of the patterns of epilepsy on an international basis.



  • Historical data indicating ranges from 0.6 to 4.0 deaths/100,000 person-years among patients with epilepsy in various countries. Males had higher mortality in all countries.


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